Mission, Vision & Core Values



      • To professionalize the training of dermatology and make it readily accessible to qualified doctors who wish to pursue specialization in this field.
      • To promote leadership in dermatology and excellence in patient care through education and research.
      • To create lasting and mutually beneficent relationships with all members through efficient and personalized service.
      • We are a society sincerely dedicated to the pursuit of a better quality of life for all members and patients.


To be an internationally recognized leader in Dermatology to the benefit of individuals and communities.

Core Values

      • In carrying out our mission and realizing our vision, we will value:
        • Respect for the dignity of our patients, students and colleagues.
        • Pursuing knowledge and continuous improvement, embodying a spirit of intellectual curiosity and interchange through self-assessment and ongoing evaluation.
        • Working together with mutual respect, collegiality and transparency. Collective and coordinated efforts through partnerships and teamwork encourage engagement, inspire ideas, create essential dialogue and foster synergistic results.
        • The pursuit of excellence.
        • A dedication to the greater good. Community leadership,
        • Volunteerism and stewardship are hallmarks of our ability to contribute to public health.
        • Acknowledging, respecting and valuing differences. An inclusive approach to people, ideas and practice styles includes a willingness to listen to all points of view. The result is collectively better because the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.